Our Rules and Requirements

Everything that you need to know and follow in order to join Bruijn Logistics


We have some rules that you have to follow whilst you're a driver at Bruijn Logistics

-> Follow all the TruckersMP rules. 

-> Do not drive like you want to be banned.  

-> Do not start drama.  

-> No bullying.   

-> Listen to Schak and his staff members.  

-> If you have received a ban, please let management know.  

-> Ask around when in doubt.  

-> You don't always have to have our paint job or tag on whilst being a driver for Bruijn Logistics, it's optional.  

-> There are no job requirements, however you will need to download our job tracker, in case you decide to do some jobs.  

-> You can use any tag colour you want. 

-> When we are representing Bruijn Logistics in a convoy, you should be driving in our skin and your player tag colour should be red.


We do have a few requirements. Make sure that you meet all the requirements before applying.

-> You must be in our Discord server before applying. If you are accepted into Bruijn Logistics, you will be given the driver role, where you can find all the necessary information.

-> When you apply, you must use our application template.

-> You must have an activated account on the TruckersMP website.

 -> You must be registered on the TruckersMP Website for at least 1 month.

-> You must put your ban history on public until you are accepted.

 -> Have no bans within the last three months.

-> Standard knowledge of the TruckersMP Rules

-> If you have an issue with another VTC driver, take responsibility and report them to us and TruckersMP.